Asthmatic Recordings

producing, engineering, mixing, songwriting

Asthmatic Recordings:

Provides full service audio production, from the early stages of songwriting to final mastering and everything in between. With nearly 20 years experience in music, I take your ideas, no matter what stage, and bring them to fruition, helping you to formulate the best recording possible while keeping your artistic integrity intact.

Producing Vs. Engineering


Whether you need to put the finishing touches on a song or set an idea into motion, I can help.  This could involve anything from writing arrangements for vocals and/or instruments to helping with song structure and lyrics.  If you need to hire additional musicians to finish your project, I can help with that, as well.  Simply put, I'll help steer the ship and fill in the blanks.     


If you already have a clear vision for your song or album, then you probably only need me to engineer.  I'll still throw out ideas here and there, but the session will be more focused on realizing the vision that you hear in your head.

Other Services:

Creative/miscellaneous audio-related projects:

Have a different type of audio-related project in mind?  Contact me via email and explain what you need.  Some examples of my other work include:

- Creating intro tracks for a band's live show

- On-site choir recording and mixing

- Podcast recording and editing

- Recreating backing tracks of popular songs for a cover band

- Singer and/or songwriter demos

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